All Seacompression attendees are expected to abide by the INW code of conduct as well as our event code of conduct, detailed below.  In addition, we also ask you to observe the ten principles of Burning Man. Ignition Northwest seeks to foster these principles throughout the community it serves.


Seacompression Code of Conduct

All attendees are subject to this code of conduct, which are enforced by both Ignition Northwest and Seacompression.
Conduct is expected to be of the highest standards and must at all times be appropriate for a family setting. The following are strictly prohibited and may result in expulsion from the grounds and/or revocation of ticket:

  • Unwanted, harassing or inappropriately lewd behavior or language
  • Over-intoxication
  • Use of illegal substances
  • Any conduct that is criminal
  • Causing, attempting to cause, or threatening injury or damage of another person or their property
  • Use of firearms or fireworks
  • Photography or video camera use without permission
  • Transphobic, Homophobic, Sexist, Ableist, Racist, or Hateful actions/threats/acts against any person

Ignition Northwest / Seacompression, at their sole discretion, reserve the right to revoke the ticket of and/or require any person to vacate the premises for reasons of nuisance, improper conduct or other rule violations, without refund of ticket fees.