Tickets can be transferred or gifted and must match the attendee’s legal name. Please finish your transfers 24 hours before the event. 



To transfer tickets:

2. The original purchaser of the ticket will need to input their email address and the order number.
3. Next, input the transfer recipient’s legal first and last name as it appears on their government issued photo ID along with the recipient’s email address.
4. Click “Lookup Tickets” and select the ticket(s) you would like to transfer (if there is only one ticket associated with your order, this screen may not populate and you’ll skip to step 5 below).
5. The original purchaser and the transfer recipient will both receive an email, prompting the transfer recipient to complete the process. Please note: The transfer recipient has 7 days to accept and complete the transfer.
6. The transfer recipient will need to complete all the prompts on the ticketing page including payment.
7. Once the transaction has been completed, tickets have been transferred! 🙂




If you would like to gift your tickets, please email us the following at

The Recipient’s Legal First & Last Name
The Recipient’s INW Firestarter email address
The Recipient’s Playa Name (if they have one)
In your response, please make sure that you confirm the following at
1. That the ticket recipient is 21 years of age or older and has proof of age by government issued photo ID
2. That the ticket recipient has read, acknowledged and accepted the following participant waiver: I, the purchaser, and those who receive tickets purchased by me waive, release, and forever discharge and agree to hold Burning Man, Ignition NW and its agents harmless for any cause of action arising from this event.
I also agree that I am not visiting the event working for, with, in conjunction or association with any law enforcement, government, city, religious or public agency.
While INW requires all photographers to ask consent before taking photographs and/or videos, it is possible that my picture may be taken incidentally without my knowledge or consent. INW retains the right to use all pictures taken at our event for archival and promotional purposes, including but not limited to: publication in print media and/or on websites, including social media, or other digital platforms.