Seacompression Survival Guide

If you’ve never been to Seacompression, prepare for a treat!  You’ll be experiencing a tiny taste of what Burning Man or Critical Northwest have to offer.  There will be theme camps, art cars, DJs and dancing, fire performers… everything that makes a burn special and fun.  You’ll have a better time if you’re prepared, though!

  • Our event will be both indoors and outdoors- with food trucks, fire performers, and more happening outside.  Bring your favorite playa coat to stay cozy outdoors as the sun goes down.
  • Costumes are awesome (and highly encouraged!).  However, this is a leave-no-trace event.  Please refrain from wearing glitter, feathers, and other items that will shed. They create what we call MOOP (matter out of place) which our volunteer LNT team is forced to pick up once the event has concluded.  In keeping with the principle of civic responsibility, we pride ourselves on returning spaces in the condition they were given to us- or better.
  • Comfy shoes!  Seating is limited- and you’ll be walking (and dancing!) on pavement, gravel, and indoor flooring.
  • Legal ID- the areas of the event where alcohol will be served are all 21+, and we (of course) will need to ID anyone who wants to enter them.
  • Money (cash or card) for drink tickets and food trucks (note: some trucks may be cash-only)
  • Your cup!!  Tons of waste is generated every day by disposable dishes and cups.  Save a little of it by bringing your own cup with you.