Tickets are officially sold out! No tickets will be for sale at the door. 

We’re excited to see you soon! We’re nearly sold out and don’t expect to have tickets available at the door; please plan accordingly if you want to experience the 21+ indoor areas. Drinks are slightly cheaper to pre-purchase. We encourage you to gift or transfer unwanted tickets up to one day before the event to help keep box office lines moving.


Interested in only the free all-ages outside portion? Wonderful! We’re excited to see you there. The outside of the Seattle Design Center is truly enormous and will contain a beer garden (ID required), fire performances from 7pm onward, fire art, art cars, a full schedule of all-ages workshops and live music.


In the meantime you can get a feel for will be at the event…

Seacompression is the official annual decompression party for the Burning Man community of Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region.

Seacompression 2019 will take place at the Seattle Design Center in Georgetown
5701 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

October 19th, 2 PM to 2 AM

Photo courtesy of IRDeep


Just as the weight of the world begins to take a toll once more, we gather together for a magical day and night surrounded by art, music, and friends.  It’s a chance for our community to reimmerse ourselves and reconnect, and for the curious to get a tiny taste of what Burning Man is all about.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve returned from your first trip to the playa, your twentieth… or you’ve never been at all.  All are welcome to join us at Seacompression and experience all the creativity and joy that our community has to offer.

It’s tough to return to earth.

The playa is like another world… in culture, in aesthetic, in environment.  You immerse yourself, become a citizen of Black Rock City, embrace their values, and then, almost as suddenly as you arrived, you’re gone, thrust back into the day to day world.  Back to jobs, to homes, to bills… to a world where handshakes have replaced hugs, business casual has replaced costumes, and hold music has replaced sound camps.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

As summer turns into fall burners worldwide come together once more within their local communities.  Art gets pulled from storage, theme camps regroup, DJs gather their music, and fire performers restock their fuel.  We surround ourselves with what makes Burning Man special for one final day and night to help ease the pain of readjustment- to help us decompress.


In Seattle, we call this event Seacompression. 

Join us in Georgetown on October 19th.

Seacompression and Ignition Northwest subscribe to the recommendations of the Radical Accountability Council.

Attendees at this event are expected to follow our code of conduct.  Flagged individuals are not permitted to volunteer or hold leadership roles.  Orange and red flagged individuals are not permitted to attend the event (indoors OR outdoors, apply for grants, or hold positions).  Any violations of this policy will be considered trespassing and treated as such.

For more information about this policy, visit