Do you want to stand in the middle of a crowd, look around at the smiles, hear the laughter and joy, and think to yourself “I helped make this happen?”

This is where you sign up for a hearty dose of that moment.

Nothing happens overnight- events like Seacompression are the end result of dozens of people working for months and weeks in advance, juggling all the moving pieces to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.  Have a flair for organization and a passion for community?  Do you love throwing parties almost as much- or more- than you like just attending them?  Production just might be for you!

We’re currently taking applications for the following roles- note that some may require a specialized skill set.

Ambassadors Lead

Remember the helpful folks at Critical with the red sashes who always seemed to know where to find a dance floor, a sculpture, or a cuddle pit?  Weren’t they great?  We thought so, too!  Seacompression is spread out across a two story building, a street, a lot… and maybe another building, too.  People would need some direction.  You can lead the volunteer army that provides it to them!

Bar Lead

The bar lead works with theme camps to keep the drinks flowing.  From making sure every camp isn’t accidentally serving the same exact drinks, to ensuring that everyone is within WA state permit guidelines, you’ll help make sure the theme camps’ bars are a success, and the event has something for everyone.

Deco Lead

Love a good theme party?  Tend to go overboard with your holiday decorations every year?  Maybe you could be our deco lead!  This role is focused on organizing and providing theme-related decor for the event space.

FiST Lead

Got a head for numbers, a passion for organization, and a weird obsession with facing bills?  The FiST team is in charge of cash handling- making sure the money from door and drink ticket sales is gathered up multiple times throughout the night and secured safely away.  (Note: you don’t really have to face the bills.  But if you are into this role, odds are you’re someone who would do that regardless.  Don’t worry, we get it.)

Food Lead

You can’t dance all night on an empty stomach!  Seacompression will be fueled by a legion of Seattle’s best food trucks.  Which trucks are best… well, if you have strong and intense feelings on that, being the Food Lead might just be the right spot for you.  This role is in charge of finding and negotiating with food vendors, to ensure no one’s stomach rumbles louder than the speakers.

Gate Lead

There will be both free areas and areas that require paid admission.  The gate is responsible for making sure volunteers are on hand and systems are in place so people who have tickets can get into the paid section- and making sure people who want to enter the paid section can get a ticket on site (providing we don’t sell out in advance.).

Lighting Lead

Lighting isn’t just tossing down a couple industrial lamps and calling it a day (or night).  Spotlights for the performers, ambient lighting, lasers, lights over the dance floor… all of it adds to the event.  Have a flare for the dramatic contrast of light and dark?  This may be the role for you.

Note: this is a technical role, experience is required

Performance Lead

Love music? Dance? The excitement of a live show?  This might be for you!  Our performance lead helps coordinate and arrange musicians, DJs, and performance artists across the different stages and performance zones of the event.

Volunteer Coordinator Lead

The leads can’t do this alone… Seacompression won’t happen without a legion of volunteers from the community doing everything from checking will call lists and selling drink tickets to monitoring sound levels to ensuring we’re a true LNT event once the party is over.  The volunteer coordinator helps connect all those people wanting to help (and trust me, plenty do!) with a spot where they’d fit.