We have two comprehensive forms for anyone wishing to contribute a project to Seacompression this year- they will cover either theme camps and art cars, or all other art (both physical and performance)- since there is often a great deal of overlap.  Once you complete this form, our team will evaluate your submission and reach out if they have further questions.

We are also extremely excited to offer grants for artists, camps, and performers interested in being involved with Seacompression.  Ignition Northwest has microgrants available for new projects, refurb grants available for existing projects, and transportation grants available to help get your camp or art to Georgetown.

Refurb and transportation grants can be requested via the camp application.  Microgrants can be requested below.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Who should complete this form?

Anyone who wants to bring one of the below offerings to Seacompression:

  • Theme Camps
  • Art Car
  • Food offerings
  • Physical Art (with or without fire)
  • Performance Art (dancers, spoken word, bands, etc)
  • Fire Performers
  • DJs

What’s the deadline to submit?

We’re accepting entries on a rolling basis- meaning that as they come in, they’re evaluated in batches and approved.  The deadline is 10/1.  However, because we are accepting entries as they come in, rather than at the end, there is a chance the space we have will fill up before that date and be closed.  Therefore we encourage people to complete the form as soon as they know they are interested.

Fire performers and placed camps/art in particular are asked to submit earlier rather than later because of the additional logistics required.

What if we want to serve alcohol?

Fill out the theme camp section and let us know your plans.  Since all proceeds from drink sales will go to Ignition Northwest, our bar lead will work with you and your crew to get you what you need.

Not everything on this form fits what I want to do.

We know- just complete the sections required for what you’re bringing.

I have other questions

We’re working on a more comprehensive FAQ, but in the meantime please feel free to contact us with any additional questions and we will get back to you asap!